Certified Recovery Coach Course Launching Soon

July 7, 2014

The Academy for Addiction Professionals is excited to announce launch of our Certified Recovery Coach course on August 2, 2014. This course will be delivered both in person and via live webinar. Since the family unit is most often effective and affected in the recovery process, students will have the option to take an additional 20 hours of Family Recovery Coaching that focuses on mending the problems that addiction has possibly caused and help the family create an appropriate support structure for long term sobriety.

Medical Professionals, Behavioral Health Clinicians and peers alike can benefit from the this certification and advance their careers.

The Recovery Coach is an advocate – a guide for families and individuals who may be overwhelmed by recovery from alcohol or drugs. Whether the client is in a structured treatment environment or not, the recovery coach assists in all aspects of the journey to sobriety including:

  • Assisting the client and their family in choosing the appropriate path to recovery
  • Minimize barriers to recovery by identifying challenges to sobriety and opportunities for long-term success
  • Support and advise the client to maintain sobriety and reduce the chance of relapse
  • Direct the addict and their family to appropriate community resources

Students opting for the family coaching add-on will learn:

  • How to help repair the family dynamic in regards to addiction
  • Techniques to improve communication between family members to minimize relapse
  • How to assist the family in creating a supportive environment for newly sober loved ones

The cost for the Recovery Coach program is $975 and the Family Coach add-on is $400.00

Learn more by visiting our Certified Recovery Coaching Page


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