We Welcome a New Instructor – C-Kwon

May 28, 2017

The Academy for Addiction Professionals is very excited to welcome C-Kwon – yes, he only has one name – to our family of instructors. C-Kwon is the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Counselor at Destination Hope, a South Florida treatment center and is also a graduate of The Academy for Addiction Professionals, having attained his Certified Addiction Counselor designation with us.

C-Kwon started at The Academy as a substitute instructor for our Certified Behavioral Health Technician (CBHT) course in February. Feedback from our students was so positive that we are glad to have him back for our upcoming CBHT course on June 3 as well. C-Kwon has a deep knowledge and understanding of addiction treatment and counseling and has vast experience at the behavioral tech level as well, where he first started all the way up to the counselor level where he is now. This unique perspective not all only gives him the breadth of knowledge necessary to train a competent behavioral health tech, but students can easily relate to his career as a potential trajectory for their own.

We hope that you will have the pleasure of meeting C-Kwon at an upcoming Certified Behavioral Health Technician weekend session in our classroom.


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