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Client Family and Community Relationships

October 23, 2012

One of the most interesting and frankly important classes we offer is Client, Family and Community Education. It may only be a 15 hour course, but it gets to the crux of the environmental issues that may impact addiction, recovery … Continue reading

Addiction Counselor Professional Readiness

October 7, 2012

With the launch of our latest online class – Professional Readiness – it is worth exploring what professional readiness is and what it means. Within an organization, deeming a professional ready is a job for a supervisor and readiness varies … Continue reading

The Importance of Documentation

September 30, 2012

Documentation is not simply a chore. Indeed, documentation is one of the most important parts of a successful addiction counselor’s treatment program. Unfortunately, many counselors, both new and veteran, do not look at documentation with the respect and attention that … Continue reading

Counselor Self-Improvement

September 18, 2012

A counselor’s quest for self-improvement truly never ends. The best counselors will likely agree that their job is never done and they will certainly never know everything about addiction counseling. This humility and self-understanding is extremely important when it comes … Continue reading

Addiction Treatment – A Small World

July 26, 2012

There are some lessons that a classroom or textbook can never teach. These lessons are learned on the ground, through experience or another counselor’s knowledge and mentorship. Counselors, especially those new to the career path, have the option to head … Continue reading

Supervision is Critical to Success

July 12, 2012

It may seem difficult for us as counselors to seek out our supervisors’ or other counselors’ advice when we encounter a particularly difficult or challenging client. The tendency, especially in well-seasoned counselors, is to believe that we know the right … Continue reading

Governmental & Institutional Oversight

June 23, 2012

Most states, including Florida, closely regulate the addiction treatment industry – and rightly so. The purpose of regulation is to protect those who are at their most vulnerable from counselors and practices that may take advantage of them. Further, these … Continue reading

Recovery is Unique for Every Client

June 9, 2012

Just as every counselor is unique, clients are individual in their needs and desires as well. The individuality of a client is both a challenge and an opportunity for an addiction counselor. This is especially true for a counselor new … Continue reading

Recovery is Ultimately Self-Directed

May 22, 2012

Self-direction revolves around the principle that our clients are the agents of recovery and it is their authority, through informed consent, that allows decisions to be made and recovery protocols to be implemented. As we navigate the waters of recovery … Continue reading

The Perfect Treatment Plan

April 22, 2012

As addiction counselors we strive to create the perfect plan for each of our clients. Some of us develop a template, and then realize that it’s not quite right for everyone. Others create matrices that account for every imaginable contingency, … Continue reading

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