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Substance Abuse & Addiction Counselor Training in Pennsylvania

In order to become a certified substance abuse or drug abuse counselor in the state of Pennsylvania, a rigorous certification process must be undertaken. This culminates in a final exam, which confers the certificate, assuming all other prerequisites are met. Much like other states and territories in the United States, Pennsylvania offers a comprehensive reciprocal program with the IC&RC. This means that qualifying Florida Certification Board certifications may be reciprocated in Pennsylvania, subject to any unique requirements imposed by the Pennsylvania Certification Board. The Certified Addiction Professional designation, as conferred by the FCB is one such certification.

It is important however that students or professionals wishing to apply their education credits to Pennsylvania certification are sure that the topic and type of class (including method – online or in person) they have taken qualify according to the Pennsylvania Certification Board’s rules and regulations. Further, it is imperative to remember that not every board will have the exact same standards for certification as the Florida Certification Board. As a result a call to both the IC&RC as well as the Pennsylvania Certification Board is a prudent first step in transferring a certificate to or acquiring a certificate in Pennsylvania.

We look forward to assisting you with any reciprocity related questions that you may have. We also look forward to helping you understand how our distance learning more online program may fit into your larger certification goals.

Contact us to see how we may be able to provide you with the necessary education to become licensed in your state.

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