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Certified Recovery Residence Administrator (CRRA)

Note: this course is offered online and can be accessed by clicking here*

The Certified Recovery Residence Administrator or CRRA certification is ideal for those who manage or perform a supervisory role at a Recovery residence. From day-to-day operations to the legal and ethical requirements of managing a recovery residence, CRRA candidates will understand the breadth of their responsibilities.

Online-Sign-UpThe Florida Certification Board rolled out their newest certification – the Certified Recovery Residence Administrator or CRRA. We are proud to have developed a 100 hour curriculum to satisfy the educational requirements for this certification.

By completing this certification, CRRAs will have the knowledge to implement and comply with the National Alliance of Recovery Residences (NARR) Quality Standards and Code of Ethics for Level 1 – 4 Recovery Residences.

Candidates are required to show competence in the following performance domains:

  1. Recovery Residence Operations and Administration
  2. Maintaining the Physical Residence
  3. Resident Screening and Admissions
  4. Resident Recovery Support
  5. Legal, Professional and Ethical Responsibilities

Below, you’ll find more information on the educational requirements to become a CRRA.

CRRA Standards for Certification

Category: Requirement:
Degree: High School Diploma/GED or higher
Work Experience:

1,000 documented hours providing related recovery residence administrator, manager, or closely aligned recovery residence services.

Both paid and formal, volunteer work experience is eligible for certification purposes; however volunteer experience in the context of a mutual support type group is not eligible for certification purposes.

Supervision: Pending guidance from FCB
Training: 100 hours:

Class #1: Recovery Residence Operations and Administration:
20 hours
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Class #2: Maintaining the Physical Residence:
20 hours
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Class #3: Resident Screening and Admissions:
10 hours
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Class #4: Residence Recovery Support:
30 hours
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Class #5: Legal, Professional and Ethical Responsibilities:
20 hours
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Criminal Background:

Must pass a level 2 background screening per s. 397.4871(5), F.S.

Must read and sign an attestation agreeing to allow the FCB to conduct a random criminal history check to ensure compliance with the FCB Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct standards related to criminal activity.

Recommendations: 2 professional letters of recommendation for certification, 1 personal./character reference letter of recommendation.
Code of Ethics:  Applicants must attest that they are bound by and will follow the FCB Code of Ethics in their professional practice.
Written Test: Pending FCB Guidance
Renewal: 10 hours annually (June 30th) related to at least one of the CRRA performance domains.


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