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Continuing Education for Addiction Counselors

The Academy for Addiction Professionals has expanded its reach by offering regular and flexible continuing education programs for diverse professionals, including addiction counselors, clinical social workers, and mental health professionals. Our programs encompass addiction-related topics and many others pertinent to various professional fields.

Continuing education to one degree or another is required for most addiction treatment and medical professionals. Further, professional development through continuing education can be exciting and informative when procured by knowledgeable and engaging instructors. The Academy for Addiction Professionals offers such a program with varied topics, including:

Online Continuing Education Classes

We add several new online classes to our Internet-based class delivery system every month. Since its inception as a convenience for distance learning students, our online school has grown with the rest of our program. We offer over 15 courses, including core certified counselor education and continuing education. Getting your educational requirements is now available 24/7 for a cost as low as $10 per credit hour. Take an Online Continuing Education Class

Educational Events

The Academy also offers continuing education lunch and learns at which exceptional speakers and exciting topics are hosted. These events usually confer 2-4 continuing education credit hours and cost as little as $10, including refreshments and a light meal. Time is set aside for questions and answers, and most presenters are available for private discussion after the event.

On-Site Training

Our instructors can now come to you! Qualifying facilities can arrange for one of our instructors to present at your facility and at the time you wish. Topics can be unique to the needs of your employees, and the number of credit hours will vary based on the facility’s needs. Receiving quality training has never been easier, and downtime is minimized as employees do not need to travel to receive their training. Contact us to request on-site continuing education and training.