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Certified Recovery Support Specialist (CRSS)

The Certified Recovery Support Specialist or CRSS is an entry-level certification aimed at those who can use their life experiences to help others in treatment and recovery. The certification is designed to guide the credentialed individual in enhancing the effectiveness of treatment and help clients maintain long-term sobriety. It is useful for those working in the addiction field in any supportive capacity – administrative, technical or clinical.

Online-Sign-UpThe CRSS sets the minimum standard of competency for those providing support services to clients in substance abuse programs. The certification is outlined and administered by the Florida Certification Board and the Academy for addiction Professional is proud to offer a 5 part course to satisfy the FCB’s educational requirements.

The CRSS course covers many topics in addiction treatment over five classes, totaling 75 hours of training. These include the legal and ethical responsibilities of professionals in the field, the history of addiction, referral best practices, crisis support, life skills and recovery management.

In order to qualify for certification as a CRSS, students must have at least a high school diploma, GED or equivalent and must also have 1000 hours of formal work or volunteer experience in a field related to addictions. As with other certifications, a final exam will be administered by the Florida Certification Board. Below, you will find standards, according to the Florida Certification Board, for certification as a CRSS.

The course is available online only.

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Category: Requirement:
Degree: High School Diploma, GED or higher
Work Experience: 1,000 formal work or volunteer hours in an addiction related field
Training: A total of 75 hours of training, broken out as follows:

Class #1: 22 hours – Legal and Professional Responsibility

  • 6 hours – Ethics
  • 2 hours – HIPAA/Confidentiality
  • 4 hours – Cultural Competency
  • 4 hours – Self-Care/Professional Development
  • 6 hours – Electives related to legal and professional responsibility

Class #2: 13 hours – Reengagement, Crisis Support and Safety

  • 6 hours – Risk/Crisis Management
  • 3 hours – Domestic Violence
  • 4 hours – Electives related to reengagement, crisis support and safety

Class #3: 13 hours – Resource Linkage/Follow-Up

  • 6 hours – Active Care Coordination
  • 3 hours – Documentation
  • 4 hours – Electives related to resource linkage/follow-up

Class #4: 10 hours – Practical Living Skills/Social Development

  • 6 hours – Social Development
  • 4 hours – Electives related to practical living skills/social development

Class #5: 17 hours – Recovery Management

  • 4 hours – Overview of Addiction/Stages of Recovery
  • 3 hours – Addiction and Brain Chemistry / Pharmacology
  • 2 hours – Recovery Management
  • 4 hours – Co-occurring Disorders
  • 2 hours – Lapse/Relapse Prevention
  • 2 hours – Motivational Enhancement
Recommendations: 3 professional letters of recommendation for certification.
Code of Ethics:

Must sign statement agreeing to follow the FCB’s Code of Ethics

Written Test: Recovery Support Specialist Exam
Renewal: 10 CEUs each year

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