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Self Harm / Suicide Risk Assessment CEU Course

What you will learn

  • The difference between suicide and self-harm
  • The similarities between suicide and self-harm
  • Are the risks increased for suicide when someone has a history of self-harm?
  • The correlation between suicide and mental health diagnosis
  • The correlation between self-harm and mental health diagnosis
  • Suicide, Self-Harm and Eating Disorders
  • Statistics about current suicide rates according to age, race, gender, etc.
  • Correlation between self-harm and addiction
  • Correlation between suicide and addiction
  • How do we make a difference?
  • How to do a good assessment for suicide
  • How to prevent suicide
  • How to treat suicidality
  • How to assess for self-harm
  • How to treat self-harm
  • What time of the day do the most suicides occur?
  • What month of the year do most suicides occur?


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