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Incident & Abuse Reporting CEU Course

In accordance with Florida Statute (FS) 397.419 (2) (f) and Chapter 65D-30 of the Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) public or private substance abuse service providers, licensed by The Department of Children and Families, must create and maintain an internal quality improvement program which includes policies and procedures for Incident Reporting.

Chapter 65D-30 FAC states:

“Incident Reporting Pursuant to paragraph 397.419(2)(f), F.S. is required of all providers and shall be conducted in accordance with Children and Families Operating Procedure 215-6.”

Florida Statute 397.419 (2) (f) requires incident reporting policies and procedures be created and:

“…include verification of corrective action, provision for reporting to the department within a time period prescribed by rule, documentation that incident reporting is the affirmative duty of all staff, and a provision that specifies that a person who files an  incident report may not be subjected to any civil action by virtue of that incident report.”


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