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Residence Recovery Support

CRRA Class #4

30 hours, taken online

Course Overview:

  • Ensure that resident recovery plans are developed based upon the needs and wants of the resident and are continually updated to reflect the resident’s current physical and mental needs and limitations.
  • Plan, implement and maintain principles of resident-driven length of stay, participation and recovery planning within the recovery residence environment.
  • Implement and maintain principles of self-directed, holistic, and recovery-oriented practices within the recovery residence.
  • Assist residents to develop and implement self-directed recovery plans.
  • Assist and motivate residents to access and successfully navigate the array of community resources and recovery support services available to achieve and maintain recovery.
  • Offer recovery support services in formal and informal settings, as appropriate to the residence level of certification or license.
  • Ensure that clinical services, if licensed and offered, are provided in accordance with state laws and administrative rules.
  • Implement and maintain residence policies that promote meaningful daily activities for all residents.
  • Assist residents to develop, implement and maintain skills and abilities to build desired life and/or wellness skills.
  • Connect residents to the local, greater recovery community.
  • Foster ethical, peer-based mutually supportive relationships between residents and staff as evidenced by policies and procedures that encourage residents to engage one another in formal and informal activities and conversations; and that coordinate community gatherings, recreational events or other social activities.

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