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Addiction Training for Medical Professionals

The Academy for Addiction Professionals is offering free behavioral health training seminars on managing addiction and addictive behavior in a hospital or medical center setting. Through this lecture series, we hope to reinforce basic addiction training in the hospital and medical center setting. The topics covered in this seminar are critical to effectively dealing with addiction in a medical setting. Seminars will feature the following behavioral health topics:

  • Identifying Addiction & Addictive Behavior.
  • Aggression Management & Patient Safety.
  • Family Intervention.
  • Discharge planning & how to refer patients to treatment.
  • Recognizing domestic violence.

Addiction is a complex disease, affecting both the mind and body. With rates of drug and alcohol abuse on the rise, it is all the more important that medical professionals have the training to manage addiction.

In order to book an Academy for Addiction Professionals instructor on-site at no cost, we require a minimum attendance of 15 staff members.