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Weight Issues

Eminem – A Cautionary Tale of Addiction Replacement

Addiction affects the brain in profound ways – many of which we don’t fully understand. A mix of genetic and […]

Managing Eating Disorders with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Like Substance Use Disorders, eating disorders are often a function of deeply ingrained maladaptive core beliefs and assumptions, that not […]

Psychological Effects of Obesity

By Dr. Muhammad Feteiha, Advanced Surgical Associates Understanding obesity means much more than calorie counting and exercise regimens. Yes, the […]

Understanding Addiction In those Suffering from Obesity

By Dr. Matthew Lublin, Bariatric Surgeon As a bariatric surgeon, many patients come into my office wanting to lose a […]

Are You a Food Addict?

By Dr. Muhammad Feteiha, Bariatric Surgeon If you are obese or morbidly obese you may be wondering if you are […]

Addicition Transfer after Weight Loss Surgery

By Dr. Jefferson Vaughan, Bariatric Surgeon Food addiction is real. Just as our bodies can become dependent on “traditionally addictive” […]