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Addiction Counselor Best Practices

Counselors – Prioritize Self Care

We talk about the challenges associated with addiction counseling, and they cannot be ignored. Ben Brafman, founder, and CEO of […]

In Which State Is It Best to Start an Addiction Counseling Career?

When you think of addiction counseling in the United States, your mind probably goes to Florida and California. This is […]

The History of Mental Illness & Treatment

Such a broad and global topic and more relevant today then any other time. The focus of the power point […]

Diabetes and Mental Illness

Diabetes is a secretly deadly disease that if not treated properly can cause a lot of pain and suffering.  If […]

Trauma and Addiction Webinar

  Trauma and addiction – these two are linked in trying to understand the disease of addiction and the many […]

Documentation 101 – An Overview

  From the video: Documentation is critical to the success of clinical care. It’s critical to the success of getting […]

Live Classes Resuming at The Academy

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Academy has not been able to offer our very popular in-person addiction treatment […]

Alternative Therapies in Addiction Treatment

Professional substance abuse treatment can make the difference between continued suffering and a healthy, sober life. As a counselor, it […]

Several Alternative Treatments Show Promises for PTSD Patients

As counselors and professionals in the addiction treatment industry, we will surely come across individuals with cooccurring disorders. A very […]

What Addiction Certification Is Best for You?

Those considering a career in the addiction field often ask which certification is right for them. Of course, there is […]

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