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What Is Needed to Be Successful in Treating Behavioral Health Issues

Most people would agree that empathy and compassion are two of the most important traits a counselor must possess to […]

Counselors – Prioritize Self Care

We talk about the challenges associated with addiction counseling, and they cannot be ignored. Ben Brafman, founder, and CEO of […]

What Is a Change Agent and Why Does it Matter?

In the video below, Ben Brafman, the founder of the Academy for Addiction Professionals, discusses a counselor’s role as a […]

What Does Supervision Mean?

If you have read the Florida Certification Board standards for certification as an addiction professional, you’ve probably encountered the requirement […]

In Which State Is It Best to Start an Addiction Counseling Career?

When you think of addiction counseling in the United States, your mind probably goes to Florida and California. This is […]

Getting Your First Job After Treatment

Simply going to treatment is an amazing achievement, and one of which you should be very proud. Addiction, whether drugs […]

Turning Your State Addiction Counselor Certification Into a National One

Many of our students are concerned about reciprocity between two states, however many do not realize that they can parlay […]

What You Need to Know About the IC&RC’s Domestic and International Reciprocity

The IC&RC or International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium is the definitive international and interstate credentialing and examination body for professionals […]

Take Classes or Get Your Work Experience?

What to do if you don’t yet qualify for certification you want? Many prospective students ask us about certifications that […]

A Day in The Life of a Substance Abuse Counselor

Substance abuse counseling has never been in greater demand than it is today. From medical and doctorate-level professionals to certificate-level […]

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