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Family Dynamics in Treatment

Family dynamics play an important role in addiction treatment and therapy for mental illness. As counselors, we must identify specific […]

Understanding Addiction From A Mother & Son

Jaime and his mother, Karen, share the story of his addiction and her struggle. Both are interviewed by Academy for […]

What You May Experience When a Loved One Is In Treatment

Getting a loved one into treatment can be a relief to months or years of agony and worry about their […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Drug Rehab Aftercare – For Families

Addiction is a disease for which we do not yet have a cure. Detox and subsequent behavioral counseling is the […]

How Long Should Addiction Treatment Last?

It’s a question that most families, and their loved ones suffering from substance abuse, ask – how long does a […]

What is Role Incompatibility?

In a recent industry news blog post, we described how younger folks often curtail their heavy drinking tendencies when they […]

Families – And The Roles They Play

“The stones thrown from close-up hurt more than those thrown from afar” “You can choose your friends, but you sho’ […]