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Family Dynamics in Treatment

Family dynamics play an important role in addiction treatment and therapy for mental illness. As counselors, we must identify specific […]

Star Wars, Darth Vader, and Mental Illness

Mental illness and addictive tendencies are often portrayed in the movies. Today, we explore one of Ben Brafman’s passions – […]

Art Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Exposure to traumatic events can lead to sleep disorders, cognitive problems (i.e. memory lapses, reduced concentration), depression, and post traumatic […]

The Importance of Managing Dental Care in The Addicted Individual

With all of the trauma – both physical and emotional, as well as the self-destructive behavior that counselors see on […]

The Dangers of Over-Using Mental Health Buzzwords

As mental health professionals, we are acutely aware of the gap between the number of people with diagnosable, verifiable and […]

This Ain’t Your Parents’ Marijuana

The debate over the efficacy and safety of marijuana has raged for decades. On one side is the quintessential, lovable […]

Trauma Informed Care – What it Means and Why It Is Important

Trauma informed care or TIC is a critical part the substance abuse and mental health treatment process. While there’s no […]

What Does Recovery Mean to You?

September is National Recovery Month, a program sponsored and administered by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). As […]

Financial Stresses and Substance Abuse

Stress can cause a myriad of serious psychological and physical ailments. And one of the most prevalent sources of stress […]

Eminem – A Cautionary Tale of Addiction Replacement

Addiction affects the brain in profound ways – many of which we don’t fully understand. A mix of genetic and […]

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