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Live Classes Resuming at The Academy

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Academy has not been able to offer our very popular in-person addiction treatment courses. All our courses have been taken on demand through our learning portal.

However, we are very excited to announce that we will be resuming live classes using Zoom webinar technology. While we cannot expect these courses to be as immersive as having students and colleagues around you, we look forward to being able to provide the benefits of live teacher assistance while maintaining proper distancing and following important COVID safety measures.

Our first course is the CBHT – Certified Behavioral Health Technician, which will be held over the course of two weekends in February. This live training will offer the 30 hours needed to get certified as a CBHT through the Florida Certification Board. It will also give students the ability to ask questions about what to expect in their professional life.

Weekly Training Webinars

Further, each week on Thursdays at 7 pm EST, Academy for Addiction Professionals director Ben Brafman, LCSW, CAP, will host a Zoom webinar on a variety of topics that pertain to professional work in addiction counseling. These webinars will begin on Thursday, February 2. Webinars will be offered to existing students at no cost. Other students and those who have not yet signed up for courses at the Academy may join for only $9 per month. These webinars will not only provide valuable information about course material but are intended to discuss the day in and day out challenges that addiction professionals will face, offering insight into best practices and practical advice on getting into or advancing in the industry.