Trauma and Addiction Webinar

March 13, 2021

Trauma and addiction – these two are linked in trying to understand the disease of addiction and the many layers it has as it takes over a person. Some believe that trauma and addiction are the same thing and addiction is another name for trauma. When someone is an addict they don’t want to feel the way they feel. They numb their feelings through drugs, alcohol and other mind and mood altering substances. Many times it is a type of trauma that occurs in a person’s life that makes them reach out so something to fill the void that was emptied and destroyed. There are many forms of trauma that a person suffers and it makes using drugs reasonable and part of dealing with the pain and suffering a person has been going through. Unfortunately with trauma cases it becomes part of their lifestyle , personality and worse belief system. A person believes that without being treated like an enabler, less than or eradicate they are not living. Trauma at a young age can damage someone will into adulthood and never be able to deal with it. Watch the video above to learn more…


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