Getting a Job in Addiction Treatment

November 4, 2012

Getting a job in today’s business climate has proven to be a challenge for many aspiring behavioral techs and counselors. On a very positive note however, it is worth remembering that the addiction counseling industry is growing significantly more quickly than many other career paths.

Just like other challenges in our lives, finding a job requires dedication and focus. You may remember our blog posts from a few months ago exploring the topic of how the addiction treatment industry is a small world. Just as with other specialized industries, networking and putting yourself in the right place at the right time can give you the opportunity to land a job more quickly. Addiction treatment centers and addiction counselors attend conferences on a regular basis and those desiring to be in the industry should make an effort to make a presence as well. During these conferences, many representatives from addiction facilities are trying to increase their business and may be willing to offer career advice. They may even have information on upcoming job opportunities at their facility. Consider it a preliminary interview.

Those who may be having some trouble finding a job should also consider increasing their base of knowledge. They can do so by becoming certified as a behavioral health technician or opting to spend the time and effort to become a certified addiction counselor. This may open doors to new and exciting possibilities.

Changing your frame of mind is also one of the key components to getting into the addiction treatment industry. We tell many of our students that being employed in the addiction treatment industry is less of a job and more of a career. There’s constant growth, both personal and financial. The opportunities in addiction treatment are ever-evolving and ever-changing. Looking at the addiction treatment industry as a long-term career path may open up opportunities that you would not have considered before. For example, opting for an internship – paid or unpaid – may be a great way to get into a treatment program. Showing your skills can truly make a difference when a permanent job becomes available at the facility.

To be sure, getting a job in any industry is no easy task these days. Uniquely, the addiction treatment industry happily welcomes both those who have a history of addiction and are recovering as well as those who have never had a substance abuse problem. All the same, with a significant expected job growth between 2012 and 2020, there’s reason to believe that career addiction counseling may be a worthwhile path to pursue.


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