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Where The Academy’s Going From Here

By now, you know that the Academy for Addiction Professionals has grown by leaps and bounds. Indeed, with the latest additions to our staff, instructor base and campus, we hope to be able to educate more students than ever. Not only have we added the human and physical capital to accommodate more students, but our efforts have paid off in the form of more interactivity and experiential work in class.

2012 was a year of new and exciting developments. We expanded into a new classroom setting with almost 4000 square feet dedicated to our in-person classes. Further, all of our existing classes were translated to an online format for those interested in distance learning. Our administrative and instructor staff has increased as well, allowing us to help students more quickly and effectively. We’ve launched our job board and career center, allowing local employers to hire more effectively and professionals from all over the country find the jobs that are right for them.

In 2013 and beyond, we look forward to continued expansion of our classes, services and programs. We will be introducing comprehensive career services and financing along with new Florida Certification Board approved certifications. We are also looking to become approved education providers in every IC&RC reciprocal state. Finally, we will be putting on regular, in-person or online events geared specifically toward the growth of new and seasoned counselors.

We hope that you choose to be a part of our new and exciting program. Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more.