Marchman Act Continuing Education Event

April 10, 2013

The Academy for Addiction Professionals was very excited and proud to host the first of a series of continuing education events on March 29th. This lunch-and-learn covered the foundational concepts and implications of the Marchman Act as an important legislative vehicle in the treatment of addiction in Florida. Our guest speaker Ray Ferrero Jr. is an expert in the judicial aspects of the Act and has devoted a great deal of his legal practice to it.

Much like its more well-known cousin, the mental health oriented Baker Act, the Marchman Act delineates provider responsibilities and client rights in cases of both voluntary and involuntary admission to addiction treatment. While similar in scope and language to the Baker Act, the two should not be treated as one in the same – while addiction and mental health are inextricably linked, they encompass two separate subsets of conditions and diseases.

The Academy for Addiction Professionals will continue to offer continuing education classes on the Marchman Act to facilities interested in training their employees and clinicians. We have also launched an online class offering two continuing education credits to those who prefer or need the flexibility of distance learning.

Please check back monthly for announcements on our other continuing education events.


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