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The Academy is Expanding to Delray Beach, FL

The Academy for Addiction Professionals is proud to announce yet another major expansion to our facilities. On July 29, we will be opening a second location in West Delray Beach, Florida to accommodate students from Palm Beach County and Northern Broward County.  The new classroom setting will expand our reach to more students than ever before.

The Delray Beach location will begin with Monday and Wednesday evening classes from 6-9pm. Classes may soon expand to accommodate other days and times of the week.

The Delray Beach class expansion is a result of the dedication of both the students and the staff here at the Academy. We strive to exceed expectations in our educational program and our wonderful students validate our efforts to do so.

Delray Beach is a center of addiction treatment with a large concentration of halfway houses, addiction treatment centers and detox facilities. As such, we expect many professionals who work in the area to join our new track. Further, the new classes will suit the many recovering addicts who wish to become part of the industry that helped them through the most difficult part of their lives. No matter the student’s background, we strive to assist them in realizing the benefits of pursuing a certification in our field.

If you are interested in joining our Monday and Wednesday night track at our new Delray Beach location, we encourage you to call us or use the convenient “more information” form to the right. The first class being offered at our new location will be Professional and Ethical Responsibilities – one of the 12 core courses necessary to complete the educational requirement as per the Florida Certification Board standards for counselor certification.

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