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Our August 2013 Lunch and Learn – A Great Success!

August 2013 marked a milestone in what has become a very popular monthly activity at The Academy – offsite Continuing Education trainings. Each month, The Academy for Addiction Professionals has partnered with one or more leaders in the field of substance abuse treatment to offer attendees dynamic and comprehensive perspective in the industry. The August 2013 Lunch and Learn was jointly hosted by the Academy and Infinity Behavioral Services, a leading end-to-end billing provider for addiction treatment facilities in Florida. Speakers included Ryan Collison, CEO of Infinity Behavioral Services and Cathy Claud, CEO of Archstone Recovery Center.

The topic of conversation revolved around the looming implementation of the Affordable Care Act or ACA. The end of 2013 will shed light on many of the details of this landmark shift in the healthcare system. No part of the industry will be left untouched and professionals and facilities must be prepared. The changes in store, whether they be in licensing, billing or UR, will be significant and smooth implementation of new policies will save time and money.

How successful was our Lunch and Learn? It was so popular that we had to rent a larger ballroom at the local Marriott to fit the 80 people who ultimately attended and sold out the event. Five different vendors also rented tables at the event to showcase their products and services. Many thanks go out to all those that attended and made for such a wonderful experience. Now, we look forward to announcing our next continuing education event in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!