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The Link between Marijuana and Psychosis

The dangers of marijuana use have been hotly debated and theories from both sides of the argument have been postured for decades. Today, the effects of marijuana are more topical than ever as certain states begin to legalize its use and possession. Studies such as the one we will be referencing today, help us resolve some of the questions we have about marijuana, its effects and why it is used.

The study, conducted using a survey of 2,120 Dutch teenagers ranging from 14 to 19 years of age, made two interesting links:

  • Marijuana use may lead to the development of psychosis after three years of use and
  • Psychosis may lead to marijuana use after three years of suffering from the mental illness.

This study, along with other studies and anecdotal information, makes it very clear that dual diagnosis, or the treatment of co-occurring disorders, continues to play an ever increasing role in the addiction counselor’s job. The causes of addiction are many and varied. They are rarely straightforward.

As addiction counselors we must be attuned to the complexity of addiction and keep open minds as to causes and treatment options. To learn more about the article at Medical News Today, please see the citation below.

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