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The Importance of Creativity in Continuing Education

Most clinicians who come to The Academy for Addiction Professionals for their continuing education credits, whether they take online or in person classes, look to complete their state-mandated requirements as quickly as possible and move on. They may do so however to the detriment of their clients and even to their own personal development.

The landscape of addiction treatment is in constant flux and with a barrage of new and exciting research on how to substances and substance use affects the brain, many clinicians may be missing out on novel treatments that may benefit some or all of their clients. Choosing the quicker or easier path certainly can allow for getting back to work more quickly, however it may come at the expense of a greater knowledge and understanding. This, by the way, applies to all clinicians – even those that have practiced for decades.

Many addiction treatment providers also overlook a very important barrier to their professional development. Stagnation. Years and decades of effective addiction treatment can allow a sense of complacency to creep into a clinician’s daily work. This is not to say that the clinician is ineffective or incompetent. Rather, it is a simple fact of human nature. Creative continuing education programs covering new topics and old alike using role-play and experiential educational methods can make even the most seasoned addiction professional more effective in their work.

Being in recovery, we see how unique each of our clients’ needs truly are. Attending unique and creative continuing education programs allows us to be more nimble as we look to assist our client to sobriety.