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An Early Morning Crash


Traffic is at a virtual standstill this rush hour all because of a crash that occurred overnight. It’s breaking news on the local channels and passersby are commenting on what they’re seeing. The scene is jaw dropping.

The car involved is unrecognizable. For all the observers know it may not be a car at all. The twisted wreckage is wrapped around the tree and without a scrutinizing look they wouldn’t even know what make or model it is. The news reports that the car was likely traveling at very high-speed this morning and careened out-of-control, hitting a tree. The driver was killed. It’s a miracle no one else was. It could’ve been much, much worse.

It’s too early to tell if alcohol or drugs were a contributing factor to this accident, however this scene is reminiscent of what is often captured through the lens of a news camera after an alcohol related accident. Indeed, according to the CDC, in 2010, alcohol was a factor in over 31% of all traffic deaths. In the same year, of the 1210 traffic deaths among kids aged 0 to 14 years old, over 200 involves a driver under the influence of alcohol – that’s 17%.

Those at greatest risk, According to the CDC, are younger drivers, motorcyclists and those with previous DWI convictions. With this April being alcohol awareness month, we hope that highlighting alcohol-related traffic deaths and understanding the consequences of what alcohol, high-speed or both can cause, gives us pause before we get behind the wheel having consumed alcohol or drugs.