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New MCAP Standards from the Florida Certification Board

If you have previously investigated taking the master’s level Certified Addiction Professional or MCAP Through the Florida Certification Board. In that case, you may have noticed that the requirements for certification were similar to those of the Certified Addiction Professional. It became apparent that these requirements were onerous for students already with advanced degrees. As such, the Florida Certification Board recently changed the training curriculum to reduce the hours necessary for certification to 161 from the previous 350.

This is a great recognition of the advanced education that our MCAP students have and reduces the financial burden of taking certification courses with us and other providers. We encourage you to visit our MCAP page to learn about these new requirements. As with all other certifications through the FCB, additional criteria beyond training hours must be met before the MCAP certification can be acquired. We encourage you to start an online chat or contact us for any questions.

As a leading training provider for addiction counselors in Florida, The Academy for Addiction Professionals has adapted our curriculum to address this change in hours. We look forward to helping you gain MCAP status and encourage you to contact the Florida Certification Board for any questions about the application process.